Is high results in search engines important to focus on?

There are many ways to rank high on the Google Search Engine, but then what?


Let us say you are ranked first or are in the top ten results,
but your visitors are not becoming the customers you want them to be.

They are visiting your website, yet they are not completing the actions you want them to follow. Instead, they leave your website shortly after.

All the effort and time you put on building the website is not paying off.

What do you do now?

Do you spend money and hire “experts” who will optimize your SEO
and/or your AdWords to get you more visitors?

That is good - is it not?

It sure is, however now you are back where you started.
During the process your content remained the same.
The only difference between then and now is that now you optimized to get
visitors to your pages, not to give them the experience
they want when browsing your pages.

Therefore, they leave your website without completing the actions you want.

How to understand what is going on with your website?

To understand your visitors, you need to know what they are doing on your website.
Find out where they are coming from and what they are searching for. 

Sounds complicated?

Fear not...

Google made an analytics tool that tracks your visitors on your
website automatically when they are on your website. 

  • It can see in which Geographically location your visitors are from
    - That's helpful to understand where to target your logistics at.

  • Tell you which browser and screen size are most used to view your website
    - If a different screen size is overall preferred, you'll be on time with customer satisfaction

  • Track specific actions made by your visitors on your pages
    - Find the path of a purchase.

  • View how your pages are doing during a day
    - Wouldn't it be nice to know during which hours your pages are reached most?

To install Google Analytics, you can visit the Google Analytics website or if you would prefer us to install the tool for you - feel free to add Google Analytics Installation to the Chart.
Installing Google Analytics